Writing Journal 12/30/07

My writing efforts for the previous week:

12/23/2007 Sunday 0
12/24/2007 Monday Whatever Comes Along 2200
12/25/2007 Tuesday 0
12/26/2007 Wednesday 0
12/27/2007 Thursday Rape Kit 1100
12/28/2007 Friday In Deed 2000
12/29/2007 Saturday In Deed 1000
6300 Total
900 Average

I went into the week not thinking I’d get anything done, but I was wrong.

I finished the rough draft of chapter 2 of “In Deed”. Chapter 1 needs some heavy editing, but that should be ready to go very soon after the New Year. I can’t (and therefore won’t) promise it for this week, but it shouldn’t be much longer than that. Meanwhile I’ll get started on chapter 3.

“Whatever Comes Along” is the first of the donation-reward stories. More on that later.

I don’t know what the hell “Rape Kit” is, or where it came from. I’ll probably use it for marketing purposes. If nobody on the internet bites, I’ll toss it into the library or use it as a donation reward.

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