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31 Jan

At the end…

If, at the end of it all, you were given a chance to think back upon your life, which do you think will fill your mind most:

How much work you did?

Or how much fun you had?

27 Jan

Writing Journal 1/27/08

My writing efforts for the week:

1/23/2008 Wednesday Klien 300
1/26/2008 Saturday Klien 1000
1300 Total
185.714285714286 Average
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25 Jan

Flash Fiction: Old School

Guns. What a joke. Do you know how hard it is to deliver consistent head shots at anything approaching a “safe” distance? And what happens when the bullets run out? Back were the days of plate armor and longswords; good for all occasions. Dead or alive… it can’t chase you if it doesn’t have legs.

21 Jan


Go see it.


If you live in some part of the world where you can’t go see this movie… fucking move.

19 Jan

New Story: Through a Black Window

This time, I’m darkening a service called Helium.

It turns out that they have a fiction section so I’ve offered up my latest piece of scifi goodness there instead of in my own library.
It’s called “Through a Black Window”.

I don’t really see a feedback mechanism there on the site. You can rank the stories/articles, but I think that’s only for people who’ve joined. So I guess if you’ve got comments, drop ’em here.

19 Jan

Review: Solstice

It’s Saturday so I guess I’d better review something. Let’s see… what have I watched recently…

Oh yeah. THIS shit.

Solstice presents itself as a ghost story set in a swamp, where a group of young adults (read: nitwit teenagers) perform some ceremony to contact the ghost of their friend who committed suicide.
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18 Jan

Who Goes There!

Once again, nate comes through with a cool link.

The short story “Who Goes There” by John Campbell is the basis for one of my favorite horror movies, The Thing. I’ve read the story (of course!) but you may not have; so here you go! Interestingly enough, the original version of the movie from 1951 is a lot less faithful to the original story than John Carpenter’s remake. Honestly, this is one of those rare instances where the remake is superior to both the original movie and the original story. It’s one of the only movies to ever actually give me nightmares.

18 Jan

Flash Fiction: Harmless

It was an ancient strain that had existed for millions of years… stable and harmless. But after generations of infection-paranoid hypochondriacs assaulted it with antibiotic drugs and antibacterial soap, it finally went extinct. No one mourned the loss of a common, harmless bacteria… least of all the alien invaders who were fatally allergic to it.

15 Jan

HPL: The Thing on The Doorstep -Movie?

Thanks to nate for pointing out this link to a movie based on Lovecraft’s “The Thing on the Doorstep”.

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14 Jan


It just occurred to me that Sheridyn (from Magekiller) may very well be the medieval Jack Bauer.

Yes? No?