Just In Case

I had an odd dream last night.

In the dream, my employer (same one as in real life) was about to either fire or severely reprimand me because some people read my stories and now the other employees were afraid of me. I was being interviewed by the corporate psychologist (which we don’t have, btw) and I mentioned that I liked to write and I had a website. The next day, I was called into a room with all the managers and the Official Guy Who Fires People (which we DO have!). I woke up before the official decision, but I think they were going for some kind of legal restraining order.

An odd dream, eh?

So now, in real life, I’m on the road with a co-worker. We’re in Boston. Over dinner he asks if I’m still doing the webcomic that I told him about a few months ago. I told him no, but I was doing regular stories, which I’ve been doing for over ten years. He said I should start a blog or a website and put my stories on it.

I said “Yeah” and quickly changed the subject.

Mama didn’t raise no fools.


  1. nate, January 9, 2008:

    Careful at work man. I used to work with a guy who did fantasy drawings of skulls and daggers. One of the ladies saw them and filed a complaint about it, saying it was a sign of a depressed and disturbed mind. He got called on the carpet about it and was told not to draw at work any more.

  2. Kragon, January 9, 2008:

    I once told a co-worker that I like to write. When he asked what type of stories I do, of course I told him Sci-fi Horror and fantasy. Of course the women next to us over heard.

    She was a new girl and I didn’t really know her yet. But apparently she went to the supervisor and said she no longer felt comfortable working in the desk next to me. Well when my supervisor asked me about this I really had no idea what he was talking about but I told him that I wrote in my free time and such.

    Well, long story she he told me that she was just a nutter and ignore her. But my point being I agree with nate and you just gotta watch what you say a work bro.

    But it is a good felling every time I turn my head and give her a smile she kinda jumps… I’m kinda thinking about divorcing my wife and asking her to marry me. HA!

  3. DarkIcon, January 9, 2008:

    My writing is not “common knowledge” at work, although my favorite genre of movies and books is known to quite a few.

    Imagine having to explain to a room full of 20 or so people just what the movie “Hellraiser” is about. Yeah. I got some strange looks after that.

    This corporate culture is pretty open-minded, but experience has taught me that nothing closes faster than a mind exposed to something that causes it discomfort. There are a few horror fans at my job, so I’m not worried about THAT aspect of it… but I seriously SERIOUSLY doubt that people would be comfortable around me once they saw certain scenes/images from the Book of Dark Places. I can name maybe two people who might appreciate or understand it. The rest would start whispering and looking at me funny.

    The two people at my job who know I did a webcomic once, fortunately don’t know the URL. Nobody at ANY of my jobs has ever known the name Dark Icon. I intend to keep it that way. I do tell people that my hobby is writing. I tell them what genre of stories I write. That’s as far as it goes, and even that bit of conversation makes me uncomfortable.

    It’s a shame, really, that people are such sheep. It makes me want to kill more of them. In my stories, of course.

  4. Jeff, January 9, 2008:

    I work full time for the national guard,so theres all kinds of people that work here,ranging from geeks like me to the “dumb jock” football worshipping type.the latter are the ones that tend to not understand my taste for horror/sci-fi,and i always get funny looks for my Darth Vader fathead on my office wall.Luckily the type of people around here that WOULD complain about such things…..are too stupid to do so.Coincidentally they also think that someone who doesn’t like to watch big sweaty dudes run into each other for 3 hours is automatically gay. Go Figure.

  5. Kragon, January 9, 2008:

    I don’t talk about my hobby’s at work either. In fact I don’t even have anything on my desk that would give away my interest. Just the wallpaper of my computer which happens to be a cover of a Terry Goodkind novel.

    I feel that there’s a time and place for everything, and plus is doesn’t help when your desk happens to be surrounded by gossipers who are just looking for any piece of info they can get on anyone at anytime. So I just avoid the trouble and keep my interest to myself when I can help it.

    But much like you, any conversation about my writing and such, just makes me uncomfortable. Whenever…If ever I decide to put my stories up, then maybe I may open up some….maybe.

  6. WeREwOLf, January 10, 2008:

    Never thought I’d say this given the crappiness of my job, but it looks like I’m one of the lucky ones here. Now, you’d think working in the only gas station/grocery store in a very small rural town would where the locals consider mud-bogging (look it up) a serious hobby would be a recipe for disaster for someone who does artwork like mine, but it happens to be just the opposite. With only a few exceptions, I mostly get compliments when someone looks at my art, and very rarely do I hesitate to write down the URL for anyone, coworker or customer, who asks (for those few super-conservative exceptions, I explain to them that they might find some of it offensive before politely declining the URL, and they always seem to understand). Usually the only ‘static’ I get after they see it is the usual “WTF are you doing working HERE?!” grilling the next day after they view it, which is in itself a compliment. Of course, most of YOU would probably find my stuff quite tame compared to most of what’s on the ‘Net.

    Seems that office environments are the worst propagators of career-damaging gossip, and frankly I doubt I’d last long in that kind of environment — I don’t know how you guys do it.

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