Top 10…err…9 Zombie Movies of All Time?

There’s only one thing wrong with this list:

28 Days Later is on it.

Not that I didn’t like the movie (which I didn’t), but even if I thought it was the best film ever made… zombies movies, by definition, have zombies in them. There are no zombies in 28 Days Later, therefore it does not qualify to be included in this list. Plus, it sucked.

Also, I thought the remake of “Dawn of the Dead” was a much better horror movie than the original.


  1. Kragon, January 11, 2008:

    I agree with your views on 28 Days Later. I believe it was some damn virus or some shit like that…Either way I didn’t really like it myself.

    …But, I don’t necessarily believe that the Dawn of the Dead remake was better the the first. This maybe because I’m a big George Romero fan. It was damn good though, don’t get me wrong. I just don’t believe it beats the original.

    To tell the truth I do really like the first one because it was made to be a little…cartoony, I believe is the word. But this is all just a matter of option.

    To each his own…

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