New Story: Through a Black Window

This time, I’m darkening a service called Helium.

It turns out that they have a fiction section so I’ve offered up my latest piece of scifi goodness there instead of in my own library.
It’s called “Through a Black Window”.

I don’t really see a feedback mechanism there on the site. You can rank the stories/articles, but I think that’s only for people who’ve joined. So I guess if you’ve got comments, drop ’em here.


  1. DarkIcon, January 19, 2008:

    Extra-credit trivia question:

    The Everett/Wheeler Bridge in the story is named after who?

  2. nate, January 20, 2008:

    I liked it, even if it was a bit short. It left just enough to the imagination to keep me reading.

    I’m not sure what an Everett/Wheeler bridge is, but I guess it has something to do with a multi-universe quantum theory.

  3. WeREwOLf, January 23, 2008:

    Nate, Google is your friend.

    Awesome story, loved it. Sorry it took me so long to getting around to reading it. Worth the wait.

  4. DarkIcon, January 23, 2008:

    This story was inspired by an article in Scientific American that I read last week. Hugh Everett is the father of “multiple universe theory”… a staple of science fiction books and movies. I’m sure other people imagined it before him, but he made it work (in theory) consistently with the concepts of quantum physics. His work was ignored by much of the physics community, except for his teacher/mentor John Wheeler.

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