Flash Fiction: Old School

Guns. What a joke. Do you know how hard it is to deliver consistent head shots at anything approaching a “safe” distance? And what happens when the bullets run out? Back were the days of plate armor and longswords; good for all occasions. Dead or alive… it can’t chase you if it doesn’t have legs.


  1. Kragon, January 25, 2008:

    This is a good flash fiction. It seems kinda like something Donovan would think about in The Crusade. I like it.

  2. WeREwOLf, January 26, 2008:

    Wow. After I re-read that with a mentally superimposed British accent… you’re right. That IS very Donovan-like.

    And why does Donovan have a British accent in my head? Was it ever mentioned in ‘Crusade’ that he’s English or is it just me?

  3. DarkIcon, January 26, 2008:

    He is British.

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