Writing Journal 1/27/08

My writing efforts for the week:

1/23/2008 Wednesday Klien 300
1/26/2008 Saturday Klien 1000
1300 Total
185.714285714286 Average

“Klien” – probably just a temporary name – will be February’s donation reward story. I plan to finish that up in the next couple of days, and either get back to “In Deed”, or whatever idea pops up between now and then. I’m overdue for some “In Deed” work, but I’ve had several damn good idea recently. Most of them are for longer, multi-part stories. I don’t WANT to start a major project while already I’m in the middle of another major project. That leads to fatigue and then long, unexplained hiatus(es). But I may have to just to get the voices to shut the hell up.

This weeks goal: Write every day, 1000 words a day. I’ve been flying without a “goal” for the past few weeks, and I think we’ve seen the results of that. Hopefully now we can see the difference.

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