At the end…

If, at the end of it all, you were given a chance to think back upon your life, which do you think will fill your mind most:

How much work you did?

Or how much fun you had?


  1. Loki, February 1, 2008:

    Neither, I would probably be filled with thoughts of my family. But the end hasn’t come yet, will think about it when it does.:P

  2. Kragon, February 1, 2008:

    I agree with Loki. It would be neither. I would be thinking of my wife and my daughter. Because they are the one’s that have changed my life and got me on the right track.

    I’m 27 years old. I have a great wife and a 8 year old daughter who is a lot smarter then I was at her age. She turns 8 next week and she is already reading my Stephen King novels. lol.

    But yeah, my family will be in my thoughts when the end does come…

    But it’s not hear yet brother. ;)

  3. Kragon, February 1, 2008:

    Correction. My daughter is turning 9 next week. My bad! lol

  4. WeREwOLf, February 1, 2008:

    Is this a trick question? Seriously, who’s gonna be lying in their death bed thinking “gee I wish I’d spent more time on the job”.

    Now, I might not be thinking “wow I had a lot of fun doing “, but I WILL be thinking “I wish I’d painted more, I wish I’d written more, I wish I’d *created* more”.

    That’s not just me being all soul-baring and whatnot. All you creative types, take it as a message. If you’ve got it in your blood to create, whether it’s through graphic art, writing, music, programming, or whatever, DO NOT sit on your ass and let it go to waste. That WILL be one of the things weighing on you as you’re about to die.

    Just sayin’.

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