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26 Feb

Pop Quiz on Cubicle Etiquette

One Question:

You walk past somebody’s cube. Their computer is positioned so that their back is to the opening of the cube (NOT by choice, I might add). Looking over their shoulder you see iTunes up on one monitor, and on the other you see some code that the person is deeply in thought over. Headphones are on. Do you:

A: Keep walking. Either come back later, or send him an email.
B: Walk up behind him and slap your hands down on his shoulders.
C: Grab the back of his chair and shake it.
D: Wiggle your fingers in front of the monitor he’s looking at.
E: Sit down behind him, sigh heavily, and wait.

Only one choice is correct. All the other choices will get a stapler shoved down your throat sideways, you rude motherfuckers.

Oh yeah… if somebody touches me again I swear I’m gonna try to jam an entire file cabinet into one of their eye sockets and yank it out the other. Do NOT Touch Dark Icon. Do Not.

24 Feb

In Deed, Chapter 2

Read it here.

22 Feb

Badass of the Week

I just stumbled across this site. Happy Reading.

17 Feb

Writing Journal: 2/17/2008

My writing efforts for the previous week:

2/10/2008 Sunday 0
2/11/2008 Monday 0
2/12/2008 Tuesday In Deed 1000
2/13/2008 Wednesday In Deed 500
2/14/2008 Thursday In Deed 500
2/15/2008 Friday 0
2/16/2008 Saturday 0
2000 Total
285 Average

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13 Feb

Almost a logo

While looking for old banners, I found this ankh pendant that was almost a Dark Icon logo:
Ankh Pendant
I remember making this one from scratch; 3D rendered from models that I created myself. I think the rendering was done in Poser.

12 Feb


Anyone wishing to link to Dark Icon may use any of the banners on this page:

Some of them are quite old. There are a few that I can’t find any more, but if I stumble across them I’ll add those to the page.
I’m not really concerned with bandwidth (so far), so feel free to link directly to them if you’d rather not host the images yourself.

12 Feb

No, She Wasn’t Kidding.

So the wife and I were watching some dumb action movie the other night. I think it was “WAR” with Jet Li and Jason Statham. Anyway, toward the beginning of that movie somebody fires a shotgun into a wooden crate, producing the characteristic circular shot pattern in the wood. If you’ve ever seen such a pattern, you know what I’m talking about. If you haven’t, you may was well stop reading right now.
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11 Feb

Collaborative Fiction: Your opinion is requested

A few people have expressed interest in writing with/for me on a collaborative project.

Those people, and anyone else who’s interested, should check out the thread I’ve opened on the on the Asylum Walls. I’ve actually put a few ideas there now, so if you’re serious, drop on by and let’s discuss.

11 Feb

Well…damn… I really AM evil.

One of my dogs is sick.
I don’t know if its “life-threatening” sick or just “extremely expensive and annoying” sick. I guess we’ll be finding that out pretty soon.
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10 Feb

Writing Journal: 2/10/2008

My writing efforts for the past week:

2/03/2008 Sunday 0

2/04/2008 Monday The Confession of Frank Mallory 1000
2/05/2008 Tuesday The Confession of Frank Mallory 700
2/06/2008 Wednesday The Confession of Frank Mallory 700
2/07/2008 Thursday The Confession of Frank Mallory 1000
2/08/2008 Friday The Confession of Frank Mallory 1000
2/09/2008 Saturday 0
4400 Total
629 Average

“The Confession of Frank Mallory” is a short horror story, still not finished, that I started mostly to take a break from the scifi stuff. It’s still in need of some heavy editing (and a final paragraph or two), but I might post it one day. Getting the next chapter of “In Deed” done takes priority now, though, and I plan on picking that up tomorrow.

As of this moment, its 2:50pm on Sunday.

How may ideas for “Oh CRAP that’s gonna make me RICH!” novel and/or serial fiction projects have I had so far today? Two. That’s about average. Too bad I can’t just write a bunch of notes and have somebody ELSE do that actual writing; I could keep a team of ghostwriters busy for decades.