February Donation Gift: DarkSpace

The February reward for people who donate at least $5.00 to the site is a science fiction story entitled “DarkSpace.” It weighs in at 8000 words and will be available for the entire month of February. Post comments/feedback here.


  1. DarkIcon, February 2, 2008:

    Oh yeah: In order to get the story, you have to click the link that takes you back to darkicon.com after you pay via Paypal. That link will take you to the page where you can download the story.

    If it doesn’t work, send me and email (or post a comment here) and I’ll set it right.

  2. nate, February 8, 2008:

    The link worked fine. Downloaded the story and printed it out to read at home this weekend. Will post comments once I’m done.

  3. nate, February 11, 2008:

    Great story. I know I didn’t buy it, but it was still well worth the donation.

    I would have liked to see a bit more about the creatures, but they reminded me of the ones in the story where K’sano lost his eye. Maybe that’s just becasue I’m a big fan of K’sano and the rest of the characters from those stories.

    The length of this story was much better than last months. Again, it’s hard to think that I’m not buying the stories.

    Good luck with the donations/reward idea. I’ll keep waiting for the new months to start, then skip lunch a day or two so I can donate for my reading fix.

  4. DarkIcon, March 1, 2008:

    It’s a new month now, and this story is no longer available. nate, you have the honor of being the only person (other than me) to have read “DarkSpace”. At some point the story may turn up in an anthology or something, but for now you are unique!

    …funny how I make that sound like its a good thing…

  5. nate, March 1, 2008:

    That makes two months, and $20. Not enough to retire on, but enough for a large pizza and drink. Hopefully it’ll pick up for you.

    Maybe it’s because it was science fiction instead of horror, and your readers prefer the horror and fantasy stories?

    I consider it both an honor and a pleasure to have read and enjoyed the story. I’m not a real big science fiction fan, but I still enjoyed it. I’ll be checking out this month’s story after next payday.

    Any word from Rapina? I’m reading through her stories again right now, along with the latest by FEL.

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