Writing Journal: 2/3/08

My writing efforts for the previous week:

1/27/2008 Sunday Klien 1200
1/28/2008 Monday Klien 1000
1/29/2008 Tuesday Klien 1300
1/30/2008 Wednesday Klien 1000
1/31/2008 Thursday Klien 1200
2/1/2008 Friday In Deed 1000
2/2/2008 Saturday In Deed 600
7300 Total
1042 Average

Yup, goals make a difference. Whether I met my goals (1000 words a day, write every day) is a matter of debate… did I mean 1000 words EVERY day or just an AVERAGE of 1000 words a day. Whatever. The point is, I got work done. I’m keeping the same goal for next week.

1000 words a day doesn’t sound like much, but it’s a major accomplishment… especially with all the other (non-writing) stuff I’m doing in addition to my day job. Besides, 1000 words adds up to a novel in three months… four times a year. That’s a lot of words.


The story indicated as “Klien” was renamed to “DarkSpace” and is the February donation reward. “In Deed” is due for some writing, but I think I’m burned out on science fiction at the moment. It takes anywhere from 45 to 90 minutes to write 1000 words, usually. Those 600 words on Saturday took about 3 hours. That’s not writer’s block, since I knew exactly what I needed to write… I just didn’t want to write it. I may need to write a quick horror story just to clear the cache.

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