Zade and Eric Hood

I was looking through some old files and I found some images I did for Zade and Eric Hood. Nothing you haven’t seen before, although I can’t remember if the full-sized versions were ever posted anywhere. Maybe on the Asylum Walls? I dunno. Click on the thumbnails for the full-sized versions:


Eric Hood

Eric Hood


  1. nate, February 4, 2008:

    I remember those. The Zade pic was even used as a graphic in one of your BODP stories. Doesn’t quite match my mental picture of her though.

    Neither does the Eric pic. I don’t remember any of the stories having him with two knives. He always just used a dagger, or later on that switchblade that Lovvorn gave him. Otherwise that pic is pretty close to my mental image of him.

  2. DarkIcon, February 4, 2008:

    The Eric Hood picture wasn’t from any story you’ve read, but I did have something specific in mind when I made that picture. It just hasn’t been written yet.

    I created the blades Eric has based on
    these. The ones on the bottom. They’re what doctors used to amputate limbs back in the pre-Civil War days. NOT something you’d want to see Eric holding when he was after you. Not that you’d see him coming anyway.

  3. nate, February 4, 2008:

    Well, get to writing it…

    What does it say about my personality that I miss Eric?

    Seriously, not a bad likeness for the blades. Just not what my mind pictures him using.

    I remember seeing a civil war era amputation kit at a museum. It looked something like this one.

    They said that the “doctor” would apply the tourniquet, take a sharp blade and in one motion cut through the muscles to the bone, all the way around, then grab the saw and do the bone. Not for the faint of heart.

  4. Kragon, February 4, 2008:

    The thought of Hood with blades from an amputation kit just gives me the shivers. The damage that he does with the dagger alone is enough to give a person nightmares. Add surgical blades to the mix would probably be a wet dream come true for Eric. Ha!

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