Doing it wrong

It was amazing what fools could be talked into doing. Those who knew better were either not there at all, or were standing far enough back to ensure their safety. Smoke pacified them somewhat, but its wielder got too close. Being attacked by angry wasps was bad enough, but NOW the wasps were on fire…


  1. nate, December 31, 2008:

    I remember my younger brother and one of his friends attempting to burn a hornet nest in a maple tree one time. They threw about a pint of gasoline on it, stood back and pitched a match. Nothing. Figuring that they didn’t have enough gas they went to get more. Meanwhile, the first pint was vaporizing and those vapors were spreading throughout the tree, somewhat held in place by the leaves. When they returned and threw a second pint of gasoline on the nest, the fumes had pretty much formed an invisible cloud that really went off when that second match was pitched into the air.

  2. DarkIcon, December 31, 2008:

    HA ha!
    Let this be a lesson to the uninformed: Gasoline does not burn. Gasoline FUMES do. At least that’s what I learned in high school chemistry.

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