No, She Wasn’t Kidding.

So the wife and I were watching some dumb action movie the other night. I think it was “WAR” with Jet Li and Jason Statham. Anyway, toward the beginning of that movie somebody fires a shotgun into a wooden crate, producing the characteristic circular shot pattern in the wood. If you’ve ever seen such a pattern, you know what I’m talking about. If you haven’t, you may was well stop reading right now.

Wife: “WOW!”
Me: “huh?”
Wife: “Did you SEE THAT!”
Me: “See what?”
Wife: “All those little holes! Rewind it-Rewind it!”
Me: [rewinds movie]
Wife: “THAT!”
Me: “…umm, a shotgun?”
Wife: “A REGULAR shotgun does THAT!?”
Me: “…yeahhhhh…”
Wife: “whoa!”

Okay, I guess you had to be there. But there’s something about seeing somebody react to a shotgun as if it were a Martian Death Ray that you’ve GOT to find amusing.


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