Writing Journal: 2/17/2008

My writing efforts for the previous week:

2/10/2008 Sunday 0
2/11/2008 Monday 0
2/12/2008 Tuesday In Deed 1000
2/13/2008 Wednesday In Deed 500
2/14/2008 Thursday In Deed 500
2/15/2008 Friday 0
2/16/2008 Saturday 0
2000 Total
285 Average

I made some token progress on In Deed, but as a whole I didn’t do much. Next week: In Deed (this time for SURE!) and hopefully I’ll make some preliminary efforts on the multi-author project that got started over on the Asylum Walls. There’s also the March Bonus Story to come up with. I had an idea for that, but that would be much too long of a story so I need to come up with something else. Hopefully something fantasy-based.

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