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20 Mar

From the Archives: The Salesman

This is a story fragment… the first scene of a first chapter that will likely never be finished. Unlike most of the other “From the Archives” stuff I’ve posted, this one is relatively recent. I wrote it last year, shortly after returning from a trip to New Orleans. When I finished this bit, I was surprised at how dark it was… a good bit darker than the stuff I usually write, if you can imagine that. And if you can’t, then just read it for yourself. More details follow the story.

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20 Mar

Writing Journal: 3/16/2008

Just for laughs, here’s how much work I got done last week:

3/9/2008 Sunday Into Hell 1100
3/10/2008 Monday Into Hell 200
3/11/2008 Tuesday 0
3/12/2008 Wednesday 0
3/13/2008 Thursday 0
3/14/2008 Friday 0
3/15/2008 Saturday 0
1300 Total
185.7 Average

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17 Mar

Not Dead Yet

I haven’t been posting or interacting very much lately due to work and travels.

Last week I was in Ft. Lauderdale. I was home (in Atlanta) just in time for OMGWTFTORNADO!!!1, and now I’m in Chicago for most of this week. Writing has pretty much ground to a halt, but I expect the second half of this week to be much calmer with more time for stories.

BTW, the tornado that hit downtown Atlanta was nowhere near my house. I live about 30 miles south of there. All we got at my house was a lot of wind, very little rain, and a pair of very anxious mothers.

9 Mar

Review: Saw IV

For the record: I thought the original Saw was awesome. The second one was pretty good, but a far cry from the first. The third was a bit of a disappointment, but still had a few memorable cringe-worthy scenes. I was actually glad the third movie ended the way that it did, because I thought the Saw series had run its course and that, by killing off the main villain, the creators had taken the high road of NOT bludgeoning us to death with endless “more of the same, only not as good” sequels in an effort to extract every bleeding cent from the franchise.

It turns out I was wrong.
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9 Mar

Writing Journal 3/9/2008

My writing efforts for the past week:

3/2/2008 Sunday Into Hell 1200
3/3/2008 Monday Into Hell 700
3/4/2008 Tuesday Into Hell 600
3/5/2008 Wednesday Into Hell 500
3/6/2008 Thursday Into Hell 700
3/7/2008 Friday Into Hell 600
3/8/2008 Saturday Into Hell 1100
5400 Total
771 Average

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2 Mar

By any other name…

Yes, you can call it “communion” all you want, but when I see a symbolic ritual celebration of vampirism and cannibalism, I CALL it a symbolic ritual celebration of vampirism and cannibalism, dammit!

2 Mar

Writing Journal: 3/2/2008

My writing efforts for the previous week:

2/24/2008 Sunday 0
2/25/2008 Monday Into Hell 1000
2/26/2008 Tuesday Into Hell 1000
2/27/2008 Wednesday Into Hell 1000
2/28/2008 Thursday Into Hell 900
2/29/2008 Friday
3/1/2008 Saturday Into Hell 1000
4900 Total
700 Average

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1 Mar

March Donation Bonus: The Passenger

The bonus story for people who donate $5.00 or more to the site during March is a horror story called “The Passenger”.

Here’s an excerpt:
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1 Mar

Review: Beowulf (2007)

Review: Beowulf

Beowulf is one of the few mandatory reading assignments that I actually enjoyed back in high school (the others are: Paradise Lost and MacBeth.) An over-the-top hero putting the bloody smackdown on some equally over-the-top monsters…what’s not to love about that? I USED to think that a movie based on Beowulf would be a slam-dunk for me to like it. The SciFi channel proved me wrong on that one, but let’s not go there. Also, since I’ve got a soft spot for CGI and 3D rendering, a computer-generated rendition of the Beowulf tale should have been an instant hit. At least for me.

Well… not quite.
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