March Donation Bonus: The Passenger

The bonus story for people who donate $5.00 or more to the site during March is a horror story called “The Passenger”.

Here’s an excerpt:

Yes… what WAS it? And why was he staring at the road and the radio and the steering wheel and the dashboard and everything else BUT the thing in the passenger’s seat? Assuming there was something in the passenger’s seat at all. He could look. He could
turn his head and point his eyes directly at it. It would either be there or it wouldn’t. So why didn’t he? Because of something a retarded gas-jockey said?

-because that’s how she knows-

-People lose their minds on that road-

As usual, you have to use the Paypal button on the donation page, and then click the link that Paypal gives you afterward. That will take you to a page where you can download the 6500-word story in PDF format. If there are any questions or problems accessing the story, contact me here, or via email, or over on the Asylum Walls and I’ll make it right.

Thanks for reading.


  1. nate, March 11, 2008:

    The ending was really rushed on this one. A few more spelling errors than usual, but still an easy read. No real explanation as to what the ending was all about though.

    Not your best work, but still worth reading.

    Come on everyone, help DI out with some donations here. It’s not too much money, and it’s a story you won’t be seeing elsewhere. Plus, if he gets enough money maybe he can finish the unfinished stories and get some new December going.

  2. DarkIcon, April 1, 2008:

    This story is no longer available. Sincere thanks to the three people who helped me pay for electricity and running water this month.

    April’s story will be up momentarily.

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