Writing Journal: 3/2/2008

My writing efforts for the previous week:

2/24/2008 Sunday 0
2/25/2008 Monday Into Hell 1000
2/26/2008 Tuesday Into Hell 1000
2/27/2008 Wednesday Into Hell 1000
2/28/2008 Thursday Into Hell 900
2/29/2008 Friday
3/1/2008 Saturday Into Hell 1000
4900 Total
700 Average

Basically I spent the entire week trying to finish a story that I STILL haven’t finished. “Into Hell” is a fantasy story. Nothing December or Magekiller related; something entirely new. It was supposed to be the March Donation Reward, but I couldn’t finish it in time so I used a backup horror story for that instead. “Into Hell” will certainly get finished over the next few weeks, although if it gets too much longer I may opt to use it for something OTHER than the April Donation Reward. We’ll see.

For now, I’ve got some other stories I need to get going. There’s the next chapter of “In Deed”, and I seem to remember something else I’m supposed to be working on… something about a shard…

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