Writing Journal 3/9/2008

My writing efforts for the past week:

3/2/2008 Sunday Into Hell 1200
3/3/2008 Monday Into Hell 700
3/4/2008 Tuesday Into Hell 600
3/5/2008 Wednesday Into Hell 500
3/6/2008 Thursday Into Hell 700
3/7/2008 Friday Into Hell 600
3/8/2008 Saturday Into Hell 1100
5400 Total
771 Average

Looks a lot like last week.

I met my goal of writing every day, but I didn’t quite get up to 1000 words daily. That’s okay, though, because consistency is better than some daily productivity amount. For me, anyway.

Despite my intentions of working on the collaborative-fiction “Shards” project, I spent this week trying (and failing) to finish “Into Hell,” a new fantasy project. I’m almost at the end of that story. Maybe I’ll finish it today, maybe tomorrow. I’ve decided that I will go ahead and use this as the April Bonus story regardless of its eventual length. What’s a few thousand words between friends, right?

Anyway, as soon as the (very) rough draft of “Into Hell” is done, I plan to jump right into the “Shards” story that I’ve had on the back burner for about 3 weeks now. I have no idea how long THAT story is going to be, and it may push the next “In Deed” chapter out a bit. This is assuming I don’t get some other great idea that blows all these plans to hell. No worries; as long as I’m writing something its all good.

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