Not Dead Yet

I haven’t been posting or interacting very much lately due to work and travels.

Last week I was in Ft. Lauderdale. I was home (in Atlanta) just in time for OMGWTFTORNADO!!!1, and now I’m in Chicago for most of this week. Writing has pretty much ground to a halt, but I expect the second half of this week to be much calmer with more time for stories.

BTW, the tornado that hit downtown Atlanta was nowhere near my house. I live about 30 miles south of there. All we got at my house was a lot of wind, very little rain, and a pair of very anxious mothers.


  1. Kragon, March 17, 2008:

    Glade your ok man. When I saw that Atlanta got hit by that twister I wondered wither or not you got hit. But glade to see that you made it ok.

    Hope things settled down for ya soon. Traveling all the time for work can be a pain in the ass. I understand that crap all too well working for FedEx…

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