Writing Journal: 3/16/2008

Just for laughs, here’s how much work I got done last week:

3/9/2008 Sunday Into Hell 1100
3/10/2008 Monday Into Hell 200
3/11/2008 Tuesday 0
3/12/2008 Wednesday 0
3/13/2008 Thursday 0
3/14/2008 Friday 0
3/15/2008 Saturday 0
1300 Total
185.7 Average

Basically I did almost, but not quite nothing. I finished “Into Hell,” which you can get a chance to read next month. All of my previous plans to write other stuff went up in smoke while dealing with a difficult client in Ft. Lauderdale.

And this week isn’t looking much better.


  1. nate, June 30, 2009:

    Don’t remember if this one ever got posted either. I don’t have it in my copies.

  2. DarkIcon, June 30, 2009:

    This one was used as a donation reward story, with a new title: “Shadows of Stonepoint.” It’s a particularly dark, nasty and confusing fantasy story.

  3. nate, June 30, 2009:

    In that case, I got it. Thanks.

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