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29 Apr

Is Dark Icon racist?

I heard about (literally, audiobooks ftw!) this test a few months ago, but it immediately dropped out of my mind until I randomly stumbled across it. Basically it judges your ability to judge armed vs. unarmed targets and differentiates your score based on race.
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26 Apr

Review: The Deaths of Ian Stone

Driving home after a hockey game, poor Ian gets attacked by a monster. There is a fight and, much like the hockey game, he looses. But in this case, losing means getting thrown onto the tracks in front of an oncomming train. One flash of light later, Ian wakes up in an office building, where he’s apparently been sleeping on the job. Fast forward past the domestic drama of his boring life, and the monster shows up again. Oh, and it has friends. They want very much to kill him, and when they succeed-

Ian wakes up in another life. With monsters chasing him. Again.

There’s obviously more to the movie than my slightly sarcastic synopsis, but I can’t actually tell you any of it without spoiling the story. But, rest assured, there IS a story and, for once, it’s a pretty good one.
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26 Apr

And now, for no reason at all

Here’s a picture of a girl with a helicopter on her head:

25 Apr

New Story: Don’t Look

I’ve posted a short horror story over on It’s called “Don’t Look“. I actually wrote it sometime last year. Check it out and tell me what ya think.

24 Apr

Flash Fiction: Love and Psychopaths

She met him at her mother’s funeral. So kind. So handsome. It was love at first sight. …but the stranger vanished before she could capture his heart (or his name). She had no choice but to go home that very night and slit her sister’s throat…. so that love could have another chance to bloom.

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23 Apr

Flash Fiction: Those Tiny Eyes.

I posted another piece of 55-word flash fiction over on
This one is called “Those Tiny Eyes“.
Inspired by and dedicated to some recent activity over on the Asylum Walls. Enjoy.

19 Apr

Flash Fiction: Final Entry

“A stranger came to town today.”

Journal of Emile Thare of Filmon’s Field, Watchlands – Final Entry.
Town discovered abandoned two days after this entry was made.
Homes were abandoned; The streets were filled with ash.

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19 Apr

Review: Borderlands

First off: I didn’t pick this one myself. Knowing what it was about, I probably would have left it on the shelf, because torture-porn isn’t really my kind of horror. But the wife(!) rented this one thinking that I might like it, so I was sort of obligated to give it a try.

Well, it wasn’t a complete waste of time, but I could think of a lot of other things I would have enjoyed better than most of this movie.
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16 Apr

From the Archives: The Traveler

This is both old and new. The original text was written several long years ago, but was lost in the Great Hard Drive Apocalypse of 2007. I recently re-wrote this intro… almost exactly as it was… because the idea kept nagging me. It has since stopped nagging, and now I’ve got the exact same story fragment that I had before, minus the notes.
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16 Apr

Flash Fiction: Pyrrhic Victory

Nope, not posting it here this time. You’ll have to read it here because, well, every cent helps.