Robbed Yet Again

Apparently the scriptwriters for Doctor Who must be Dark Icon fans; but you’d think they’d at least let me KNOW that they were gonna rip off one of my ideas for their season premier.

Here we are… me and the wife snuggled up in bed, about to enjoy the first episode of Doctor Who, Season 4.

So what’s this one going to be about, hmm? Let’s see… A diet pill that causes its users to spawn creatures from their bodies.

I’m, sorry… what?


What… TheFUCK!?

I mean… it… they… I…


And that’s it. That is LITERALLY all I can say.


  1. udgang99, April 6, 2008:

    WTF !!!???!!!

  2. Kragon, April 6, 2008:

    That is some really fucked up bullshit man. Sorry DI.

    Go and kick their ass man… I sure would!

  3. DarkIcon, April 6, 2008:

    Official comments from the wife, after having read the “HEAVY” webcomic by me and Kim AND having seen the Dr. Who episode:

    1) You people (me and Kim) are disturbed.
    2) Yeah, they definitely stole the concept.
    3) Kim should draw comics for a living.
    4) The Dr. Who monsters were cute and cuddly, but yours were just mean.

    So yeah, somewhere in all that she agrees that, somewhere in England, some random scriptwriter needs to be dragged out into a parking lot and anally violated with a rusty fire hydrant. To Death. …well, she didn’t exactly SAY that, but that’s what she meant…

  4. udgang99, April 6, 2008:

    DI, I think you SHOULD write a good long message to these guys (maybe leaving the fire hydrant out) here (at the bottom) :

  5. udgang99, April 6, 2008:

    … actually, you have to go here: … and then click “contact us”, at the bottom.

  6. DarkIcon, April 7, 2008:

    I honestly wouldn’t know what to say in this instance.

    “Hey, your story sounds a lot like mine”

    “S’up. Nice show. Plagiarize much?”

    “Yo, I really like your season premier, and not just because I fucking WROTE THE MOTHERFUCKER!”

    Really, this is probably just coincidence. But its one of those coincidences that really pisses me off.

  7. Kragon, April 7, 2008:

    It has to be just one big massive coincidence. Now if you start to see characters that look a lot like Jason Brooks or Eric Hood or something, then my friend you can start to open up a BIG ‘ol can of whoop ass!

    But that really does blow. I haven’t seen it myself, but I can hunt it down on YouTube or something and check it out.

  8. DarkIcon, April 7, 2008:


    If you’re not already a fan of Doctor Who then you’ll likely find it only mildly entertaining and somewhat confusing, as it does depend heavily on events of previous seasons. If you ARE a fan of Doctor Who, then you’ve no doubt seen it already.

    The wife and I are huge fans. She’s only seen the new shows, but I remember watching the 70’s-era episodes in high school. (No, I was not in high school in the 70’s!) My mother was a fan… she’s one of those people who was actually afraid of Daleks. Yes, those people DO exist! She doesn’t like the new version, however.

    Back on topic:
    To my knowledge, you can’t really sue someone for stealing a CONCEPT for a story, only the story itself. The sequence of events of the Doctor Who episode in question bear not even a little resemblance to the events in my story. But the concept is almost identical. The part that angers me the most is that now, whenever a new fan reads “Heavy” or views the webcomic that Kim and I did, they might think I stole the idea from a British sci-fi show for children. And yes, the very FIRST time somebody posts a comment here or on the AW saying that they liked “Heavy” but thought it was a lot like an episode of Doctor Who, I will launch into an explosive profanity-filled tirade the likes of which you have never seen.

    Anyway, I wonder what’s on TV now…

    “Coming up next on BBC-One, winter arrives with powerful friends at his side and a horde of enemies behind him. The new man in town has the power and the plan… and a heart of ice. Join us for ‘November Nights!”

    …oh for fuck’s sake…

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