Awesome so far

So I’m in Chicago for a three-week trip (home on weekends, of course).
What’s the FIRST thing I do when I get to the hotel? The VERY first thing?

I leave my wallet in the cab.

That’s just awesome.


  1. Kragon, April 14, 2008:

    Dude man, you have the worst luck on work related travels.

  2. WeREwOLf, April 14, 2008:

    F’real, man, that’s just… damn.

  3. nate, April 15, 2008:

    That sucks! Hope things improve.

  4. DarkIcon, April 18, 2008:

    Right now I’m sitting at the gate, waiting for my plane to land. Getting through security with no ID was a lot less drama than I was expecting. In fact, the lady at the Delta counter gave me more crap than the security people did… but she made up for it by “forgetting” to charge me a $50 flight-change fee to get on an earlier flight. Still, the phrase “My wallet is gone, I have no ID” still failed to register the first four times I said it.

    “Photo ID?”
    “Don’t have one”
    “Major credit card?”
    “In the wallet. Which I don’t have.”
    “I need to see a photo ID.”
    “It was in the wallet with my credit cards.”
    “Driver’s license?”
    “No, but I have this police report that says I lost my wallet, they said I could get on with this-”
    “That’s not going to work, I need a photo ID.”

    Eventually, with some coaxing from the guy next to her, she stamped my boarding pass and let me go through.

    At security, I got the “extra screening” that, in retrospect, isn’t really “extra” at all. They searched my bag by hand*

    *Search, in this case, means opening it up, looking inside, seeing the very bomb-looking rat’s nest of computer cables and equipment, and deciding not to screw with any of it.

    They wiped my laptops with these little cloth pads that they stuck into the explosive-sniffer. And, of course, they made walk through the person-sized bomb-sniffing machine as well as the metal-detector. No strip-search… no pat-down… they didn’t even make me empty my pockets (as long as nothing in there was metal).

    Anyway, with that major hurdle behind me, I can look forward to spending my only full day at home trying to get a replacement driver’s license from the DMV. Wish me luck.

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