The Coming of Three, excerpt

Back in 2000, Danny Wall and I wrote a novel that was, we hoped, going to be the start of a series. After much writing and re-writing and shopping around for publishers, the entire project fell by the wayside as we both moved on to other things. I’ve still got a copy of what I think is the most recent draft, and there’s been some recent interest in distributing it directly. The easiest way to do this would probably be the Paypal-and-PDF download model that I’m currently using for the bonus stories. Before I can do that, however, the novel does still need one more round of editing and tweaking. I will, however, offer the first two chapters now for you to preview. Sometime in the next few months, I’ll have the entire thing ready for those who are interested.

…Oh, what’s it about?

Well, the entire series is a pretty heavy epic involving three main characters. Each is a member of one of the three main “factions” of their kingdom: Warrior, Mage, and Cleric. The interplay between these factions forms the basis of society, and there are certain matters of history that some (or all) of these factions would do anything to keep hidden. The characters, unintentionally at first, and then on purpose, start getting involved in some of these secrets and pretty soon there are a lot of people (and other things) that want them dead.

That’s the gist of the series as a whole. The one novel that we completed is an introduction to the world, the factions, and the characters. The three characters become members of their respective factions, and, like the factions themselves, find their paths interwoven as they are forced to deal with a common threat: A horde of invading dragons.


  1. nate, April 15, 2008:

    Not bad. A fair bit of action for the opening chapters as opposed to background for the story, but interesting. The chapters seemed a bit short to me, but I liked what I read so far. I might be interested in the paypal route for this one, depending on how much you’re asking for it.

    I still think your collaborations on The Expedition and Captive Souls were among your best work, but it’s hard to tell with this one since it’s only the first two chapters.

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