How do you get your fix?

I’m talking fiction. What is your preferred method for obtaining your scifi/horror/fantasy entertainment fix? By “preferred” I mean two things… how would you LIKE to get it, and how do you get it MOST OFTEN (assuming they’re not the same).

Computer Games?
Short stories?
….online or in magazines or anthologies?
….online or physical books? How about audiobooks?

For me, it’s television and audiobooks. I haven’t read an actual physical novel in quite a while, but with audiobooks I’ve “read” the entire Dark Tower series from Stephen King, and I’m four books into the “Wheel of Time” from Robert Jordan… all books that I would never have time to read otherwise. In fact, if it weren’t for audiobooks I probably wouldn’t read novels at all… period. I just don’t have the time, and when I DO have time, I fill it with either writing or gaming.

Oddly enough, I read very few short stories, and almost NO fiction on the internet.

How ’bout you?


  1. nate, April 16, 2008:

    Reading: when I have or can make the time. I try to read a bit each day, but with springtime here I’m getting too busy with other things. I’ll finish the book I’m currently working on (been reading it for the past 8 weeks) and probably won’t get another one until late in the fall. Obviously I’m a big fan of your stuff and check this site almost daily for anything new. I’m also reading through Rapina’s story, and the works of FEL. His newest story is really good.

    I’ve never tried audiobooks, but it’s been suggested before.

    Movies: I don’t rent many movies because it takes me three or four nights to finish one. If I have one I watch about 20-30 minutes a night until finished. I just can’t make the time to sit and watch it all the way through.

    Games would be nice, but my computer is so old it can’t run anything modern and I don’t own a current generation game machine. Besides, I have to watch what I play with the kids in the house.

  2. Kragon, April 16, 2008:

    Reading: Even though I own a ton of books. I actually have my own library, made up from my own book collection and my wifes, I don read as much as I use too, except when I check out your page of course. But much like you I have audiobooks now. It helps a lot when I travel for work. I also have the Dark Tower series from Stephen King, along with the Talisman, which he co wrote with Peter Straub, a GREAT fucking book. Also I have the whole Sword of Truth series from Terry Goodkind. So that’s pretty much how I get my reading done.

    As for television…I don’t really watch much of it anymore. I did watch Terminator: The Sarah Conner Chronicles. But beyond that….nope. It’s just reality t.v. And I pretty much find all that to be bullshit..

    Now movies, that’s my outlet for good entertainment. I can spend close to 60 bucks a month on dvd’s That’s about 3 movies a month, more if I get them a WalMart. And this doesn’t really make my wife too happy…

    And as for games, I’m a big Final Fantasy and Metal Gear fan. But I don’t really get to play as much as I would like.

  3. WeREwOLf, April 16, 2008:

    Prefered: Books (physical), movies, TV (BSG, etc.), games.

    In Reality: Games, and the occasional movie. My primary addiction for the past 15 months, World of Warcraft, has some surprisingly good story-lines running through it, if one is willing to actually read the quest dialogs and not just skip through ’em to get to the tangible rewards (mostly the longer quest chains; the one-off quests are usually pretty dull). Recently, when my PC took a shit for a week or so, I read “Desperation” by Stephen King; pretty good. BUT I had that book laying around for a few *years* before I got to it, would’ve gone on collecting dust if my PC had continued working normally.

    As for fiction on the ‘Web, well, is the only place I even bother checking out. Actually READING stories takes time away from other hobbies, and frankly I get pissed when I spend a few hours reading a story by some author I’ve never heard of only to realize the story sucked and I could’ve been doing other stuff instead. So, I go with what I know:, and WoW. That’s about it, for now.

  4. Loki, April 17, 2008:

    Books: I have a semi-large collection of different authors ranging from Anne Rice to Stephen King to Tolkin to Robert Jordan. I prefer reading a book than listening to one.

  5. valkoz, June 30, 2008:

    I’ve never listened to an audiobook before but I say the same thing about books that turn into movies ”The book is always better.”

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