Review: Inside

Alone and pregnant, Sarah is trapped in her house and stalked by a psychotic she-bitch that wants her unborn baby.

…and that’s all you need to know as far as plot. Everything else, you’ll have to see to believe.

This movie rocked. This movie rocked so hard that I’m tempted to watch it again because a simple low-budget foreign film couldn’t possibly have rocked that hard. It just can’t happen. There’s a law against it, I think.

First of all, this movie contains some of the most disturbing footage I’ve seen in a horror flick. Yes, there are films that top it, but not many. The bloody special effects are done SO well and SO often that you will no doubt find this movie on many a gorephiles favorites list. Some of these effects come out of nowhere, but these surprise-splatters tended to be the least well-done. And yet Inside somehow manages to hold back juuuust enough to keep it from crossing into “torture porn” territory ala Hostel, et al. Yes, there are occasional gore-enhanced jump-scares, but mostly this movie goes for the gut with full-on gore. I saw things in this movie that made me squirm, and that is saying something.

Now that I think about it, you know what this movie reminds me of? A Luci Fulci zombie film. No, there are no zombies in this movie (although for a few seconds you’ll THINK there is!) but if you like undead flicks you’ll know what I’m talking about. Gore scenes where you keep expecting the camera to pull away but it never does… it just keeps going and going and going and…

Yeah, like that. Inside is just like that. For almost a solid hour. Hell yeah.

But that’s only half the story…. the lesser half, in my opinion. What really makes this a “horror” movie isn’t the gore. Gore is easy to do and, if you have the money/talent, easy to do WELL. What’s harder is actually making a movie that would make people uncomfortable even if there no gore at all. This movie delivers. Mostly I’m talking about the ending here, which left me blinking at the screen saying: “Oh, now THATS fucked up.” But even before then, there are some developments that would be disturbing even if they weren’t painted with three layers of blood.

So what didn’t I like about this movie?

The beginning was kinda slow. I’ll chalk that up to “lull the viewers into a false sense of security.” Some characters do things that just don’t make logical sense, but hey, this is a movie… if characters in movies behaved logically then no movie would be over ten minutes long. Still, I did wonder why none of the neighbors reacted to all the screaming. The main protagonist is ultra-batshit crazy, so she has an excuse for doing odd things. But the cops. Geez… the cops are so stupid that when one of them actually does something intelligent its like watching a Cocker Spaniel give a lecture on quantum physics. The language was a tiny issue. This is a French film, dubbed in English, which means the sounds don’t match the movements of the actors mouths. I’m sure I’m the only person on the planet that is bothered by that, but if you happen to be another one, then expect to be bothered. They could have developed the characters a bit more (okay, a LOT more).

Let’s add ’em up.

+10: A disturbing movie with-
+10: Very well-done gore and-
+6: The creepiest antagonist I’ve seen in a long time.
+6: Forget Freddy’s glove or Leatherface’s chainsaw… SEWING SHEARS ftw!!
+3: Characters that fight back get extra points-
+1: and even more points for killing the cat!
+1: Face melting worthy of Raiders of the Lost Arc!
+1: Surprise pseudo-zombie smackdown!

The ending is too good to even assign a point value. It throws the rest of the scale off.

Nits to pick:

-5: Some unrealistically stupid secondary characters.
-3: Slow start.
-2: Two or three more minutes of character development wouldn’t have hurt.
-1: Dubs Disease.

Net Result: See This Shit.


  1. nate, October 21, 2009:

    Ok, I finally got around to finishing watching this one. I thought the ending was poor, and that pseudo-zombie was just plain stupid. Neat and unexpected, but in a movie that up to that point was at least semi-plausible, it was an extra they could have done without.

    The fighting and gore were excellent, and the quick thinking that resulted in the face melting was a nice touch.

    Overall it was what I expected, I just really didn’t care for the ending.

  2. DarkIcon, October 21, 2009:

    Wasn’t quite the ending you were expecting, eh?

  3. nate, October 21, 2009:

    I don’t know what I was expecting, but certainly something more than sitting there in a rocking chair.

    Early in the movie I was wondering if there was going to be some kind of devil worship theme, where this baby was the propesied antichrist or something like that. Once it was revealed who the killer was though, that thought went away.

    I’m not sure what you saw in it that was so good. The “bad guy” winning? That didn’t bother me so much, but I think it could have been done better. Maybe show her a few years later as she takes “her” child to school or something.

    Those scenes with the scissors in the navel though. Damn! My wife sews a lot and now I look at her a bit more carefully. She won’t watch the movie, but did inform me of just how sharp such implements are.

  4. nate, December 8, 2009:

    Life imitates art?

    I’m reading in today’s Washington Post Metro section about a pregnant homeless woman who was held captive for most of a week, and the captor used box cutters and a razor blade to cut her open. Even going as far as telling the woman “you’re strong, you can handle what I’m going to do to you”. She was unsuccessful at removing the baby and the woman managed to escape with her placenta, stomach, and intestines exposed. The baby was safely delivered by emergency C-section, and both mother and baby are expected to survive. The woman who attempted this crime has been arrested.

    Full story at the Washington Post’s web site if anyone is interested.

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