Batman vs Joker vs Alien vs Predator!?

Now this is some hardcore fan-film work right here. The people behind this need to work in Hollywood. Starting last year.


  1. Kragon, May 26, 2008:

    Now that was some pretty sick shit right there. There was some comics out in the early to mid 90’s of Batman vs The Predators.

    Now that would be a pretty decent movie to see if Hollywood doesn’t screw it up.

    But yeah, great find DI!

  2. DarkIcon, May 26, 2008:

    The original Batman vs. Predator comic was awesome.

    And I would totally see that movie.

  3. WizardofOz, May 26, 2008:


    That six minutes of short action movie had more story undercurrents than most full 2 hour pieces (of crap).

  4. raykendo, May 30, 2008:

    I remember the Batman vs. Predator comic. It did rock. I liked the little video. Batman was closer to the comic books than he has been in the hollywood films, but I wished he was just a little more prepared with a couple more toys. Oh well. Good stuff, though.

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