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30 Jun

CotA: Page 22

The next page of “Court of the Abominatrix” is here.
New readers should start here.

27 Jun

CotA: Page 21

Welcome, new readers!
Page 21 of the ongoing horror serial, “Court of the Abominatrix” is here.
Those new to the story should start here.

26 Jun

Marvel Zombies: The Movie!?

Yeah, right.

But here’s a nicely done fan-created trailer for a Marvel Zombies movie. Not quite awesome, but it’s in the same area code. If you’re a fan of the Marvel Zombies series (or of Marvel in general) you should check it out. It’s short, and the bit AFTER the ending credits is worth the loud rock music.

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25 Jun

CotA: page 20

Page twenty is here.
Beginning of story is here.

24 Jun

Ten Tips for Writing Horror

Never let it be said that I never “gave back” to the genre. Here are ten tips for fledgling horror writers who want to see their work go far and be appreciated:
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23 Jun

CotA: Page 19

Page Nineteen of Court of the Abominatrix is here.
The beginning of the story is here.

21 Jun

Unusual Death

Who SAYS wikipedia isn’t good for anything!
This list of unusual deaths going back to ancient times proves that’s just plain wrong.

Very entertaining. But then, I’m a sick bastard.

20 Jun

CotA: Page 18

Court of the Abominatrix continues.
The story begins here.
The latest episode is here.

19 Jun

Actual Conversation, part…umm… whatever

I can’t even believe this one myself. My wife calls me over to fix something on her computer. It required a reboot, and after that I just typed in her password and logged her in. Then I was treated to the following conversational gem:
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18 Jun

CotA: Page 17

The trap has been sprung. Sprang. Whatever.