CotA: Page 15

See, the black guy doesn’t ALWAYS die first.

It occurs to me that making one of these posts for every… single… page… may be a bit of overkill. The odd thing is, it’s the same thing that webcomic artists do when they post an update, and that’s really the only thing I have to compare this with. An email mailing list was brought up before. I may reconsider that. I dunno. I tried that a long, long, LONG time ago back in the early days of the website. It was too much work; but these days the entire thing can be automated. But after being on the internet for so long, any time I hear the phrase “mailing list” I immediately think of some amateur marketer collecting email addresses for the purpose of selling utter bullshit. Obviously that’s not what I’M trying to do here, but it’s still the first thing that pops into my head. I guess I’ll get over that. There’s also the matter of the search engines indexing each page faster because I have a blog post linking to it. Does that really make a difference? Current conventional wisdom says yes, but I haven’t seen a difference. I dunno… no final decision has been made; I’m just thinking out loud.


  1. WeREwOLf, June 13, 2008:

    (mild spoiler)

    Re: Jones vs. The Eye

    I’m starting to wonder what (who?) the real “monster” in the story is. Which, now that I think about it, is a pretty cool twist, even if it’s unintentional.

  2. Kragon, June 13, 2008:

    I was wondering the samething Wolf. Can’t wait to find out if our intuition is right.

  3. raykendo, June 14, 2008:

    That was a great twist. I’m definitely hooked, now.

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