Actual Conversation, part…umm… whatever

I can’t even believe this one myself. My wife calls me over to fix something on her computer. It required a reboot, and after that I just typed in her password and logged her in. Then I was treated to the following conversational gem:

Wife: “How come you know my password?”
Dark Icon: “So I can fix your computer when it breaks.”
Wife: “But I don’t know YOUR passwords!”
Dark Icon: “Because you don’t fix the computers.”
Wife: “But what happens if you die and I need to get on your machines or something.”
Dark Icon: “All of my computers are programed to self-destruct in the event of my death.”

…long pause…

Wife: “…really?”


  1. Kragon, June 19, 2008:

    Lmao! You got to be kidding me? That was great! Do these conversations get drawn to you naturally or do you just end up walking into them?

    It seems to me that they do not understand sarcasm. But it doesn’t really matter. I love it and it makes for a damn good laugh.

  2. DarkIcon, June 19, 2008:

    They just happen. Usually I can’t enjoy them at the time since I can’t very well burst out laughing at my wife or coworkers right in front of them. This conversation happened a long while ago, and she still has no idea why I suddenly had to leave the room. She probably thought I had to use the bathroom.

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