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  1. epm, June 25, 2008:

    Splitting up this way was one of the most stupid things that they could have done.
    Actually, spliting up in most dangerous circunstances is pretty stupid and people should know it from ou species long history alone.
    I hope that the other group proves to be more smart.

  2. Kragon, June 25, 2008:

    Aw man! I haven’t read that yet! I was gonna wait for a few more parts before I went and caught up from where I left off….

    Well I now I know what to look forward to…


  3. epm, June 25, 2008:

    Sorry, forgot the “spoilers bellow” warning.
    Blame my students, if they had not gone so bad in the test I might have read this at a better time and not made this mistake.

  4. DarkIcon, June 25, 2008:

    Students did poorly in the test? I’m shocked! I’d always thought that students made excellent test subjects! They’re usually healthy, so when the side effects and mutations start, they last long enough to get a full set of data before they fully devolve. Plus, they’re expendable and so gullible. And the female ones are quite shapely… at least until the interesting bits start rearranging themselves.

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