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30 Jul

CotA: Page 35

Here is page 35 of “Court of the Abominatrix”.

At this point I’m not pretty sure there won’t be another page this week. But here’s something interesting… if you add up the word-counts of today’s and Monday’s pages, you get around 1500 words… which is the same as three 500-word pages. So you really aren’t missing out on anything! {ducks}

28 Jul

CotA: Page 34

Here’s Page 34 of “Court of the Abominatrix”. New readers should start here.
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25 Jul

Cota: Page 33

Very tired now and so here it is and I’m going back to sleep.
…and by “sleep” I mean work.

23 Jul

CotA: Page 32

Here it is.
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21 Jul

CotA: Page 31

Is in the library. New readers are encouraged to start at the beginning.

18 Jul

Cota: Page 30

Page 30.

16 Jul

CotA: Page 29

Ladies and Gentlemen… The Abominatrix!

15 Jul

Actual Conversation, part 6

As I’ve mentioned before, I am “tech support” at my house when it comes to computers or… heck, ANYTHING. I have no problem with that. What bothers me is when every computer my wife uses mysteriously dies within a few months. It’s never her fault, of course… but it is a noticeable pattern. A pattern which lead to the following conversation while driving home one day:
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14 Jul

CotA: Page 28

The next page of “Court of Abominatrix” is in the Library. New readers should start at the beginning.

12 Jul

Things Geeks Do When The Power Is Out

1) NOTICE that the power is out. This can take a while since the computer, monitor, router, and modem are all on a UPS. …Did it get darker in here?…

2) Determine whether the outage is neighborhood-wide by seeing if any of the neighbors’ wireless connections are still up. Just go over and ask them? Yeah, right. “Refresh Network List” IS going over and asking them.
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