July Bonus Story: Parker’s Last Hunt

Better late than never!

This month, the bonus story earned by those who donate $5.00 to the website is called “Parker’s Last Hunt”. It’s another in a string of horror stories, although this one is much less Lovecraftian than the last few.

This story came from the internet, and I mean that in two ways:

First, I once participated in a forum discussion (no, not on the Asylum Walls) about a news story where a child died in a supposed “exorcism”. Reading the description of what was done, I remarked that it sounded more like they were trying to INVITE evil rather than cast it out. That’s when the idea of a “reverse exorcism” was born. I intended to write the story then, but I never did.

Then, a few weeks ago, I was randomly cruising the internet when I came across a supposed “interview” with a cannibal serial killer. It was purely fictional (I assume) and written pretty much for shock value… but it got the creative juices flowing.

“Parker’s Last Hunt” is a combination of those two ideas. The story is a bit more ‘raw’ than you may be used to… but then, as the main character says: “If you thought that story was entertaining, you need to be locked in here with me.” Besides, it’s a Dark Icon story, so you pretty much know what you’re gonna get…

Donate and Enjoy.

…oh, and AS USUAL, you must use the “Donate $5.00 button” to donate via paypal, and then click the link that takes you back to DarkIcon.com. You’ll arrive at the page where you can download the story in a PDF. If that doesn’t work, send me an email and I’ll fix it.


  1. nate, July 17, 2008:

    WOW. I really liked this one. Easy to read and follow, but a bit harder towards the end. Nothing really Lovecraftian either, just good old DI storytelling. Thanks.

    This one could make a good movie script.

  2. DarkIcon, July 17, 2008:

    By “harder” do you mean harder to follow?

  3. nate, July 17, 2008:

    Not really harder to follow I guess, as much as it seemed to go in a different direction on the last page or two. Not sure what the ebay item was, and didn’t remember seeing it mentioned earlier in the story.

    I really liked the dialog and such in this story. It read almost like I was actually there talking to the person myself.

  4. DarkIcon, July 17, 2008:

    Ah, okay.

    The item was a child’s stuffed animal.

  5. nate, October 23, 2008:

    Are the bonus stories at an end? I donated for August and September but didn’t see anything.

  6. DarkIcon, October 26, 2008:

    I haven’t officially given up on it, but I haven’t been able to find the time lately to finish anything. I am exactly halfway finished with what was to be the August story… and I have been since, ohh, August. I will at the very least finish that story and write one or two more for the people who donated in September/October, but that may be a task for the holidays. I’ll make a decision in December as to whether I’ll try it again next year.

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