Things Geeks Do When The Power Is Out

1) NOTICE that the power is out. This can take a while since the computer, monitor, router, and modem are all on a UPS. …Did it get darker in here?…

2) Determine whether the outage is neighborhood-wide by seeing if any of the neighbors’ wireless connections are still up. Just go over and ask them? Yeah, right. “Refresh Network List” IS going over and asking them.

3) Report the outage to the power company. Via the internet.

4) Prepare for emergency evacuation if needed. Starbucks has free internet. The car has air conditioning and I have a laptop.

5) Make a blog post about things to do when the power is out.

6) Twitch nervously as the incessant beeping of the UPS drives them slowly insane.

7) Take a nap

I’m off to take my nap now.

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