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  1. Kragon, July 18, 2008:

    Awesome man, really awesome. I’m really digging where this is going.

    Now do you have everything all laid out as to where the story is going? Or are you letting the characters pretty much tell the story and your going part by part?

    Because either way the story is fucking awesome and as far as I am concern your little experiment is working out great.

  2. DarkIcon, July 20, 2008:

    Like almost everything I write, Court of the Abominatrix is sort of a collaborative effort between myself and the characters. Since this is intended to be a short story rather than a novel, the character’s aren’t as developed and don’t have as much free reign as some of the longer stories. But they have still managed to through some surprises into the story. I didn’t know Owen was a genius until he said it!

    But the story as a whole is mostly planned. I went in knowing what it was about, how it was going to end, and a few stops I wanted to make along the way. I left the details open… such as the creatures they are encountering. The Abominatrix and one other one that you won’t see until much later are the only ones that were planned beforehand. Everything else just sort of happens as I write.

  3. nate, July 21, 2008:

    However it’s happening, it works.

  4. DarkIcon, July 21, 2008:


    BTW, today’s (Monday) page won’t be posted until much later, as I’ll be too busy to edit/convert/upload it until after working hours. Should still be today, though.

  5. coops200ad, July 22, 2008:

    Flying blind, huh? At least that way you aren’t in any danger of getting bored with what you write. Helps keep you fresh. Over thinking and over structuring kills creativity. I prefer fleshing out my stories as I go as well. I’ve never understood the index cards and timeline approach some people use.

    Your dialogue is exceptional. Simple, flowing and natural. Makes reading your stuff a pleasure.

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