CotA: Page 35

Here is page 35 of “Court of the Abominatrix”.

At this point I’m not pretty sure there won’t be another page this week. But here’s something interesting… if you add up the word-counts of today’s and Monday’s pages, you get around 1500 words… which is the same as three 500-word pages. So you really aren’t missing out on anything! {ducks}


  1. nate, July 30, 2008:

    Not pretty sure there won’t be…

    Hmmm, double negative…

    Nah. Do what you have to do. You’ve been good to us for a while now, so we can allow you a break without complaining or feeling forgotten. Besides, you already let us know up front there might be a hiccup at this point.

  2. DarkIcon, July 30, 2008:

    HA! See… THAT’s what happens when I write when I’m tired and/or sleepy. So I’m letting that error stay for illustrative purposes.

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