Cthulhu – The Movie?

Once again, thanks to nate for pointing this one out to me (How are you finding this stuff before me, dude!?)

Cthulhu – The Movie
… complete with trailer.

This one looks… interesting. It’s too early to tell if it’ll be good or not, but… well, I’m not gonna poo-poo all over something I haven’t seen, so I’ll keep that to myself. Lovecraft-based movies are always worthy of a watch, even if they suck. This movie seems to be based more on “Shadow Over Innsmouth” than “Call of Cthulhu,” although I did spot the Cthulhu symbol in at least one place. I seriously doubt the movie is actually ABOUT Cthulhu, or that Cthulhu will be making an appearance. Such a movie would be more like “Cloverfield” than the trailer I watched.

Also, the whole “town full of secrets/something in the water/mysterious cult” thing has been done lots of times, and probably done better than what I saw in this trailer. Anyone remember “Dagon”? Face-peeling goodness for the whole family!

Still, a movie with the line:
“They came out of the sea and KILLED LOTS OF PEOPLE!”
can’t be all bad.

Your thoughts?


  1. nate, August 7, 2008:

    I found the link on a D&D related comic site this morning. I check that site every Thursday as he updates it then.

    Also, Dungeon Adventures recently had a Dagon related adventure that’s worth a read, if you’re into that kind of thing.

    Did you ever get the link I sent last month about the zombie garden statue?

  2. DarkIcon, August 7, 2008:

    Yeah, that was awesome. Our lack of garden would make deploying it problematic… but then, Halloween IS in a few months…

  3. Kragon, August 7, 2008:

    That does look interesting. I’m intrigued. Of course like you said. Can’t slam it until you see it. Then we will judge.

  4. nate, October 20, 2009:

    I think I reviewed this in another thread, but I’ll add this to it. The main character being homosexual was a major plot point worthy of Lovecraft, IMO. The cult leader is the main character’s father, and the family has a history of the men dying when their grandson’s are born. A gay son would frustrate his dad because of the lack of offspring.

    I may go back and watch this one again. It’s slow and hard to follow, but there is a decent story there. Not spectacular, but decent.

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