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For the last couple of weeks the only posts on this blog have been “Court of the Abominatrix” announcements. Well, those need to happen, but it does make for a boring blog, so I offer this:

Right now, at this VERY moment, I’m watching “Mulberry St.” It’s awesome (so far). It’s like a zombie movie… only not. People appear to be turning into humanoid rats of some kind.

And I just finished watching “Starship Troopers 3”. It’s shit. OMG did that movie suck. The ending might have been decent if the rest of the movie didn’t suck harder than a crack-addicted singularity on payday. Had some nice T&A, though.

Anybody else seen anything good recently?


  1. coops200ad, August 7, 2008:

    Just saw ‘Undead or Alive’. Very B grade but funny and gory enough to make it watchable. Sort of like ‘Return of the Living Dead’ black humour that I like and the wife doesn’t get.

  2. nate, August 7, 2008:

    I’ve been on a horror kick lately and started with last years horrorfest films.

    I didn’t care much for mulberry street. I’ve watched most of these “films to die for” and I thought the lives of Ian Stone was one of the best. Unearthed was ok, crazy eights was dumb, and Lake Dead was pretty decent.

    Wrong Turn is great (cannibal inbred hillbillies) but Wrong Turn 2 was disappointing.

    Teeth. It’s slow, but you’ll never look at a vagina the same way again.

    I want to finish watching the films to die for, then go back and watch the 8 from 2006. I see on the ‘net that they’re doing it again this year.

    Stay away from Knock Knock. It’s just plain dumb.

  3. DarkIcon, August 7, 2008:

    Teeth was awesome. I meant to review that one, but anyway I recommend it as disturbing and yet hilariously funny AND more than a bit subversive.
    “Dentataaaaaaaaa! IT’S REAL!”

    I haven’t seen Crazy eights or Lake Dead, but I’ve got Nightmare Man on my hard drive right now. Ian Stone was and Tooth and Nail were good. In all, I think this most recent batch of “Movies to die for” was better than the original ones from a few years back.

    The other day I watched “War of the Worlds 2″… a low-budget sequel to a low-budget ripoff of “War of the Worlds”. Yeah, I know… what the hell was I thinking, right? I wanted to personally stab every character in that movie AND the actors that played them. Especially the scientist with the southern accent. Yeesh.

  4. Kragon, August 7, 2008:

    “War of the Worlds 2?” Good God brother! Why do you do this to yourself? My wife rented that for me to watch. She thought that I would like it…WRONG!

    Bad mojo my friend…bad.

  5. DarkIcon, August 7, 2008:

    You’re right. I have no excuse. I was bored at Blockbuster and I wanted a LOT of movies to watch and… and….

    …I’m so ashamed.

  6. Kragon, August 8, 2008:

    It’s ok man. If you haven’t fell on the sword so many damn times, a watched these crappy B movies, then a lot of us here would have seen A LOT of shitty movies man.

    As far as I concerned you are a better critic when it comes to Sci-Fi and Horror movies, then what’s out there now. I have personally seen a lot of good movies because of you and avoided a lot of shitty ones. So, no fret. lol

  7. DarkIcon, August 8, 2008:

    On that note:

    Lost Boys – The Tribe. Skip it. It’s entertaining solely for nostalgia purposes, assuming you liked the first one. All the things in this movie that could by ANY stretch of the imagination be called “cool” are lifted directly from the first film. Sometimes line-by-line. Beyond the opening scene with Tom Savini, it’s not worth watching.

  8. Kragon, August 9, 2008:

    Yeah, found that out, the hard way. But I also agree. The first scene was good.

    When I saw Tom Savini I had hope that the movie was gonna be pretty damn descent…I was wrong after that scene.

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