Serial Horror Fiction?

Is anyone aware of any other serial horror fiction projects like “Court of the Abominatrix”? I’m wanting to put together a brief list of links and perhaps reach out to some fellow authors… but there aren’t that many. Lots of horror authors and flash-fiction authors, sure… but I’m talking specifically about serial horror fiction. I’m sure I’m not doing something unique here, but serial horror fiction seems to be underrepresented on the internet compared to other genres and other models of fiction (such as normal short stories). Anybody seen any?


  1. freelancer, August 19, 2008:

    there is another one. although i think that the author is too shy to reveal his work, especially since he is a self-confessed hack. he even modelled his site out of someone else’s. he’s a beginner (as a writer, among other things) but he has great ambitions.

    and i’m definitely talking about someone else here.

  2. DarkIcon, August 19, 2008:


  3. coops200ad, August 20, 2008:

    Well I’m not that shy. I’d love to take advantage of your hard won traffic, DI.

    There’s also a lad I found a few years back who sticks in my mind. He self published a memorable Zombie short story on the net. I’ll see if I can find him. Worth a read.

  4. coops200ad, August 26, 2008:

    Found it. He’s got several novels going now.

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