New Story: Firmware

I wrote a new short scifi short story and posted it through Triond, which is yet another one of those “post your crap here and we’ll give you a cut of the advertising revenue” sites The story is called “Firmware“.


  1. coops200ad, August 26, 2008:

    Love it. You’re pretty good at dreaming up unique ways for humanity to kill themselves.

    Reading your work always cures me of becoming too fixated on one line of thinking. Wakes me up enough to bang out a few more ideas and drop them into the slush pile for later expansion. Or not. Keeping the ideas coming and twisting them in unique ways is the name of the game.

    Got me stuffed where you get the energy from.

  2. DarkIcon, August 26, 2008:

    Energy is in a lot shorter supply these days than it used to be; thus the shift toward shorter fiction. But there is no shortage of ideas, though. Somehow, that makes it worse…

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