Okay, ya know what…?

The chapter of “Court of the Abominatrix” that I originally planned to post today is already written. But right after I wrote it on Monday, I decided that I wasn’t quite happy with the way it fit into the story, and that it might work better if I wrote another page or two to come before it. I THOUGHT I had plenty of time to do that before Wednesday came along.

Well, ya know what?
I worked 16 hours yesterday followed by a more than full day today. I’m done for the day. I’m tired. I COULD sit down and hammer out something that may or may not be up to my usual standards (whatever that means these days). But I’m not. I COULD post the page that I have already written, even though I still think it doesn’t flow right. But I’m not.

Instead, I am going to eat dinner with my wife, watch some TV, and maybe play some Warcraft if I’m still awake enough.

So, no update today. Sorry.

(Friday is still do-able, though, assuming tomorrow is better than today and yesterday.)


  1. nate, September 11, 2008:

    You need a well deserved break anyway. Just hope it doesn’t become a full-fledged vacation. Will check back tomorrow and hope for another page, maybe even a slightly longer one than usual.

  2. Kragon, September 11, 2008:

    Yeah, I agree with nate. Spend sometime with the wife. Let her know your still alive.

    We’ll be here when you get back. We always are.

  3. zaranmar, September 14, 2008:

    yeah hi plese never update more than once a week at most ive been reading the last couple updates and thinking OMG the grait almighty DI has fallen NOOOO but aneywho i may just be youre drooling fanboy slave but youre ultimate mastery is derived by quality not quantity (or regular updates)

    oh im a long time reader but i just made an account so that i could post this so its verry important

    PS: i love u youre great and wonderful evilness ;P

    so should really sober up before a follow up post byes

    youre loving slave zaran mar :)

  4. DarkIcon, September 14, 2008:


  5. Kragon, September 14, 2008:


    Dude, what?

  6. coops200ad, September 17, 2008:

    A break can be good for the mind. A fair bit of sex and beer and some mindless destruction. Drive a high powered V8. Take a holiday somewhere freezing cold and blow the cobwebs away with sleet filled high winds on top of a lighthouse.

    Then get your arse back in the chair and entertain the masses.

    Works for me.

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