CotA: Page 55

The monster briefly described in Court of the Abominatrix: Page 55 may seem somewhat familiar to long-time fans. Any guesses where you’ve seen something like that before? And don’t worry, you’ll see a LOT more of it next week. :)


  1. nate, September 19, 2008:


  2. DarkIcon, September 19, 2008:


    Though the description was brief, one feature was mentioned that was relatively unique among creatures that I’ve created. And no, it was NOT the fact that it was invisible when it was standing still.

  3. coops200ad, September 20, 2008:

    Antlers are a symbol of death. Akkadian cylinder seal?
    Yeah? Is that it? Have to do more research to flesh that out or I might just wait to be surprised and not bugger it up for everyone else.

    I remember a British comic I used to read called 2000AD that featured a Celtic warrior named Slaine. There were a lot of mythological references to ‘the horned god’ in that ultra-violent series.

    That comic had a deep impact on me since I still recall it well even though I haven’t read one for over 15 years. And yes there is a connection with my log-in ID.

  4. DarkIcon, September 20, 2008:

    Aw, c’mon, I’ve only created ONE creature that sported antlers (that I can remember). And here’s a hint: NEW readers might not have seen/read it. It’s from an old, old, old story.

  5. themightydisco, September 20, 2008:

    Aww guys, you made me subscribe just to school you newbies in DI lore!?!

    The Henry County Horror. At least that’s what I remeber it being named. Back in the day it was done up a a fake news site, written in article format.

    I guess you wouldn’t get it unless you say the “witness sketch” at the end of the story.

  6. DarkIcon, September 20, 2008:

    The creature is indeed Holt’s “pet” from the
    Henry County Horror. Actually, it is not the exact same creature, merely a member of the same species.

    I TOLD you that it would show up again (although when I said it, I wasn’t speaking about this story, so it may turn up yet AGAIN!)

    Also, we now now how the creature managed to escape notice by the police at one point in the story. It can turn invisible!

    I wish I had a prize to give away. themightydisco nailed it.

  7. themightydisco, September 20, 2008:

    Bragging rights are the best prize

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