A Political Question

Whom do you pity more:
The man who is enslaved but thinks himself free
The man who is free, but believes himself enslaved?


  1. themightydisco, September 30, 2008:

    We’re all Free in the sense that we [i]could[/i] do anything we wanted. whenever we wanted. However there are laws set by the state that restrict our actions with threats of punishment.

    There is nothing physically stopping me from going out and running the streets bare ass naked, however the threat of punishment (and culturally induced morals) inhibits that action. Though I am free to choose to ignore these rules and accept the punishment. This is the Magic of government.

    They say magic isn’t real…but words written on a piece of paper with a symbol on them shape our world…unless we have the balls to say no.

    I don’t have to go to my shitty job. Nobody is forcing me, but then I would have to deal with the punishment of lack of money.

    I guess I pity us all. Those whom are free but enslave ourselves because it’s the path of least resistance.

  2. epm, October 1, 2008:

    You are also free to not eat anything for a month but there are consequences.
    And as the world gets more crowded our right of going wherever we want is reduced.
    So, nauture already restricts our freedons, you do not need to look at the government. It just complements the deal.

    Since this is politics, your country took a brave but dangerous decision this week. You have used the right to possibly send economy to hell instead of bailing out the ganancious people that created the problem at the cost of a part of your money.
    Interesting choice.

    Brasil will not be hit by this crisis so soon, so I an neutral in this game.

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