CotA: Page 67

Here’s Page 67 of Court of the Abominatrix.

Yeah. He’s THAT guy.


  1. coops200ad, October 27, 2008:

    If I could pinpoint exactly WHY I need to read each episode you put out, I’d be a rich man. I’m so tense, my muscles sing like high tension wires. For fuck’s sake give me some answers.

  2. nate, October 31, 2008:

    No Wednesday, and so far Friday, updates. Hope all is well. Happy halloween to everyone. Be sure to scare the pants off your wife and/or girlfriend.

  3. DarkIcon, November 2, 2008:

    Between a trip to Anchorage, Alaska and a heavy workload in the office, I haven’t had the energy to any writing. Time, yes… energy, not so much. Jetlag is a sonuvabitch, and it REALLY makes me wonder if I’m not too old for all this.

    And NOW I’m off to Tulsa for a week and a half. My intention it to get back on schedule, starting now. But you know what they say about intention. Still, the next page is already posted.

  4. nate, November 2, 2008:

    Don’t burn yourself out man. I don’t know how old you are, but I turned 40 this year and I’m overdoing things myself. Cub scouts, boy scouts, dance, Sunday school teaching, Wednesday night Bible study leader, church nursery, church prayer team, Awana commander, various other church activities, school events for the kids, work, wife, home, yard, garden. You get the picture. All I’ve done since getting home from church this morning is sleep, and now I’m getting ready to head out again for another 2 hours with kids.

    I’m just glad to know you haven’t disappeared. Will read this chapter later tonight.

  5. Kragon, November 3, 2008:

    Wow, yeah, I’m only turning 26 in December. But between work, the wife, my kid, and my band. I can understand. Not to mention my daughter just nominated me to help her out with ideas for her school play for Thanksgiving and Christmas.

    Needless to say, for the geek in me, my WoW time has gone way down over the last few weeks. lol. But, yeah, don’t burn yourself out man. And NO, you are never too old to do what you love. I’ve been a fan of yours going on 8 years. And to be honest. The internet would be a darker place, no pun intended, without you in it.

  6. DarkIcon, November 3, 2008:

    I didn’t mean too old for the writing; I meant too old for traveling for a living. Yeah, people a lot older than me do it and enjoy it but they aren’t me.

    When I get too old to write, I fully expect someone to put me out of my misery.

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