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29 Nov

Ant fungus

I saw this one a year or so ago, and just came across it again. It’s some kind of nature-show footage about ants infected with a fungus that essentially zombifies them and makes their heads explode. No, really. Okay, not EXPLODE, but still…

It’s not gross or gory, but it is certainly not for the overly-imaginative. Especially the bits at the end where they show other infected bugs and the narrator says “The more numerous a species becomes, the more likely it is to become a victim of this fungus.” (paraphrase) The images were spooky enough as it was without him saying THAT.

People ask me where ideas come from. Well… there ya go. I could SO write a story about that. Only in my version, the heads actually DO explode. And they’re not ants: they’re people.

29 Nov

Quick Review: Saw V

Synopsis: Saw IV revealed the new Jigsaw apprentice and set him loose on the world. Let’s see how he does. An FBI agent named Strahm… a leftover from the previous movies… is hot on the trail of the new villain, meanwhile Hoffman is weaving his own trap for the agent while simultaneously playing “the game” with a group of five people trapped in a warehouse with all manner of nasty mechanisms.
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28 Nov

CotA: Page 83

Here’s page 83 of “Court of the Abominatrix”

He sure is a strange one.

26 Nov

CotA: Page 82

Here’s Page 82 of “Court of the Abominatrix.”

25 Nov

Lovecraft’s “Supernatural Horror in Literature”

I’m a pretty big Lovecraft fan. I’ve read all of his stories, but I must admit I’ve never read any of his NON-fiction. I recently stumbled across one of his essays entitled “Supernatural Horror in Literature”. It’s pretty lengthy and there are definite touches of the typical Lovecraft style. But here, those obscure words and long, winding sentences are put to work explaining the history and inner workings of the specific subgenre of horror that he helped create. It’s worth a look, even if you don’t actually read it all.

24 Nov

CotA: Page 81

Here’s Monday’s page of “Court of the Abominatrix.”
Looks like we’re finally getting some answers.

22 Nov

Quick Review: Hellboy II

This movie had some awesome visuals and some interesting characters, assuming you like quirky supernatural superhero-types. Unfortunately, the story didn’t do the visuals or characters any justice. Despite the fact that they were saving the world from annihilation (yet again), the story seemed… I dunno… too small. About a fourth of the way through I found myself losing interest. I wondered if I watched the rest of the movie with the sound muted, could I get the same amount of enjoyment from merely watching the action on the screen. Probably so. Maybe you should try it and let me know if I’m right.

22 Nov

Cota: Page 80

Page 80 has been posted to the Library.
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21 Nov

CotA: Page 79

Here’s Page 79 of Court of the Abominatrix. Looks like somebody’s having a bad day.
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20 Nov

CotA: Page 78

“Court of the Abominatrix” continues with Page 78.