Dark Icon’s Voting Manifesto

Point 1: I will not vote for the “lesser of two evils”. People have been doing that for generations, and what do they get? The EXACT same choice (with a different face) when the next election comes around. I’m done with that. The lesser of two evils is still evil, and I won’t vote for evil.

Point 2: I will not vote against someone. Some people think that if you can’t vote FOR someone, then voting against someone else is the next best thing. I disagree, but this is a personal choice, not really a philosophical one. In my mind, the PURPOSE of a vote is NOT to keep someone else out of office. If you don’t have someone to vote FOR, then the system is broken and your vote is unlikely to fix it.

Point 3: I will not vote to “teach them a lesson”. I will not vote against my principles for the sole purpose of “showing” some party that I no longer support what they are doing. Again, people have been doing this for a long time. Here’s a question: Have “they” ever learned? No. The student is untrainable, so I’m not going to waste my time. Not voting FOR them is enough. Actively voting AGAINST them (when you have nothing to vote FOR) is ridiculous.

Point 4: I will not vote out of shame or intimidation. My ability to complain has NOTHING to do with whether I voted or not. The struggles my ancestors had to go through to get the right to vote has NOTHING to do with whether I vote or not. I will not vote for someone simply because I HAVE to vote for SOMEONE.

Point 5: I will vote for the candidate that best represents me or my interests. I will vote ONLY for that candidate an no other.

Point 6: It follows from Points 1-5 that if there IS no candidate that best represents my interests, then I will not vote. The system is broken, and I refuse to participate in it. I don’t refuse in hopes of “teaching them a lesson”… I simply refuse to waste my time or violate my principals. To hell with the “lesson”.

Best of luck to everybody who’s out there trying to vote.


  1. nate, November 4, 2008:

    I go with point 5. Unfortunately that means I’m voting for someone who I only agree about 60% with. I break the “issues” down into what I consider true issues vs. made-up issues to keep your mind off of the real troubles, then vote concerning the real ones only.

    Best of luck to us all. As a Christian who believes God is in control, I’m thinking He’s getting ready to punish us for 4 years and with the two major jackasses running He’s making sure we get what we deserve.

  2. coops200ad, November 4, 2008:

    I’ve had the same opinion for years. I’d vote for the person that has my, (and my countries), best interests at heart. So far nothing.

    I also need to respect the candidates and his or her views. Zero respect for the current batch.

    As a result of my beliefs I haven’t voted for about 10 years. In this country you get fined for not voting, but I’d rather show up as one of those statistics than be one of the idiots who vote one clown in after another.

    We only have to watch the headlines a few minutes a day to remind ourselves how disgusting this breed is. We actually pay these back-stabbing two-faced self-serving pricks to fuck us over.

    I’ve been sneered at for expresing these thoughts before, and some people just think I’m lazy. On the contrary, I would love to get excited about a candidate. One who ONLY talked about what they were going to do to improve our lives. Someone who NEVER ran down an opponent, no matter how much shit was heaped their way. Someone with nothing to hide, who we could proudly stand behind.

    I’m not holding my breath.

  3. epm, November 5, 2008:

    OK, you will crucify me, but …
    Point one – here vote is obligatory, but you can simply press the white button or type a wrong number on purpose. That is, you can vote null meaning that you do not agree with any of the candidates. This way nobody will accuse you of laziness, you were there and you decided to nulify your vote.
    OK, there used to be a law that made a difference between null vote and white button (white vote) white button was for I don´t care, meaning: send my vote to the most voted party. But in the last elections there was no white button, so, I think that this law was considered invalid.
    Point two: we vote in a computer, the result goes in a diskete to a central computer and a written copy of the results is printed and kept under lock. Every election one or two electronic urns break and someone has to go back to the midle ages and vote on paper.
    Now, with the differences made clear:
    I lived fiveten years of my life in a dictatorship. Many people still say things like:
    – Why vote, give the power back to the military, they are less corrupt (of course, if you denounced a corruption case …).
    – Oh, I miss the law and order of those times, thiefs were beaten and killed, none of this stupid human rights stuff …
    Usually the people that say this is the same that ask: Why vote?
    Now, in the past twenty years I´ve been voting in the better of the two when possible and voting null when I am not sure but it is rare the occasion where I can´t find one candidate that at least agree partially with my way of thinking.
    And this is the point: here we have many candidates, from twenty or more political parties and even with this amount of choice I can´t find someone that agrees completely with my view of the world.
    But, nobody agrees completely with my view of the world.
    So, I vote for the closer one.
    In elections where there are so many cargoes being disputed at least one candidate should be reasonable.
    Example: Last elections I voted for president in a candidate that lost, but I didn´t vote for the senate since I didn´t want to vote for Casa Grande that was the least worst.
    I regret this, Casa Grande was elected and is doing a good job in Senate, I may not like him as a person but he is representing the my state quite nicely. But not with my vote.
    As for president, Lula won, he is not honest (that is why I didn´t vote for him) but he is protecting the country quite well from the crisis that started because a few … in US decided to sell the same house to four banks or more … and they could do it legally.

  4. DarkIcon, November 5, 2008:

    I don’t really see how you disagreed with anything, epm. But then, your situation and point of view is quite different than ours here in the states. Voting is not obligatory here, although people do their damnedest to make it SEEM that way. Tell someone you’re not voting here and they react like you told them you intended to follow them home and stab their children to death with your penis. But the reality is, depending on what state you’re in, your vote for President really DOESN’T matter. At all. It matters for the other offices, but the way the Electoral College is set up, if the overwhelming majority of your state’s voters are hardcore supporters of one party or the other, your presidential vote matters not one iota. ALL of that state’s electoral votes go to whoever wins the state. The really sad thing is, most American’s didn’t even KNOW that until the 2000 election. And even now, a lot of people walk around under the impression that the president is elected via popular vote. But that’s another rant.

    And my own political feelings are yet ANOTHER rant, so I’m not going to delve into them here. I’ll just say that it’s no secret that I’m a libertarian, which means I’ll NEVER be satisfied with either of the two mainstream candidates for president. But this time around, I wasn’t happy with the Libertarian Party’s candidate either, so NOW what? The Constitution Party? Whatever.

  5. someonebored, November 6, 2008:

    I’m with you in principle all the way DI, which is why I feel a little dirty after voting for Obama (I live in colorado, so it might have mattered). It’s something of a joke when the democrat that’s for universal health care is closer to libertarian principles than the republican one. Closer to a “fair tax,” closer non-intervention, etc.

    But then, being a libertarian in a mixed economy is a lot like being a feminist in a strip club. There’s no real way to actively participate with capitalist principles when the markets home and abroad are founded on and defended by a currency and military that the corporate sector doesn’t pay for and isn’t responsible for, read doesn’t pay taxes. Hell, even small buisness tax evasion (that they know about/reported) hit something like 200 billion. I get the historical trend of slow change in any direction, but it’s impossible to internalize that a way that doesn’t leave me disgusted. Guess I should have written in Ron Paul, the actual libertarian candidate, and hoped he wasn’t a closet racist or that he wasn’t literally going to go on the gold standard.

    I can’t believe the first time I’m active in over 2 years is a response to a political rant. I came here for some escapism. Whatever happened to the crusade anyway?

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