Speak No Evil

I came across this single-story webcomic while randomly surfing the web. While not exactly horror (or plausible), I found it more than a bit disturbing. It’s a very quick read; you should check it out.


  1. coops200ad, November 8, 2008:

    The fact that one photograph sparked this artist off is interesting.

    It is a great thing to see or hear something that takes on a very different meaning and creates a complex world that didn’t exist a few seconds before. No wonder artistic people are so often mistaken for crazy.

  2. DarkIcon, November 8, 2008:

    Mistaken for?

  3. coops200ad, November 8, 2008:

    How about “diagnosed as”?

    I rather be known as crazy than boring though. No body ever asks me to mind their kids.

  4. Loki, November 10, 2008:

    That is past disturbing. All I can say.

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