Seven Days of Abominatrix!

In order to make up for the episodes I’ve skipped in recent weeks, THIS week there will be a new page of the story every day. Starting today, with Page 74. I’m almost done with the pages for the rest of the week, so as long as I’m somewhere near an internet connection, I should have no problem keeping the momentum going. New pages will be announced and linked here in the blog, as always. However, in case I miss making an actual blog post, you should check the main story page every day even if you don’t seen an announcement for it. I’ll try to post the new content either at midnight or first thing in the morning, but about THAT, I can make no concrete promises.


  1. coops200ad, November 16, 2008:

    Can’t wait. I’ve been trying to get behind so I can space them out for myself, but I usually can’t stop at one page. Absolutely no self control. I’m also doing Nanowrimo which is on this month and will grab any source of procrastination I can find instead of writing.

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