Ant fungus

I saw this one a year or so ago, and just came across it again. It’s some kind of nature-show footage about ants infected with a fungus that essentially zombifies them and makes their heads explode. No, really. Okay, not EXPLODE, but still…

It’s not gross or gory, but it is certainly not for the overly-imaginative. Especially the bits at the end where they show other infected bugs and the narrator says “The more numerous a species becomes, the more likely it is to become a victim of this fungus.” (paraphrase) The images were spooky enough as it was without him saying THAT.

People ask me where ideas come from. Well… there ya go. I could SO write a story about that. Only in my version, the heads actually DO explode. And they’re not ants: they’re people.


  1. nate, November 30, 2008:

    Interesting. I’ll have to look into more information on this one. With all the talk over the past few years about bird flu, this would certainly be a panic inducing event if it crossed into the human population.

    I’d be anxiously awaiting your story on this, if I thought it would really get written. It sounds like something N’Doki would be involved with.

  2. DarkIcon, November 30, 2008:

    I was thinking something more along the lines of a modern horror story. Imagine being trapped in a building with one or more of these things. The infected ants climb to high places so that when their heads explode they can disperse the spores over a wider area. What would human-infected, do? -shudder-

    Wait a minute, didn’t I ALREADY write that story? Something about fungus-people in the Expedition? That’s it; I’m suing Mother Nature for plagiarism and copyright infringement!

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